How is a Celebration of Life Different Than a Funeral?

Published on April 23 2020

Caribbean Cremation Urn in Blue - Adult Brass & Metal Urn for Ashes
Caribbean Cremation Urn in Blue

Everyone has a different way to commemorate the memories of their beloved one. While most people stick to the traditional way of doing it, some have started to take a new, creative, and less formal approach. The traditional funeral and celebration of life are arranged for more or less the same objective, but the way they are organized makes all the difference. 

In a funeral, you may find cremated remains stored in funeral urns being buried, scattered, or preserved; while the family members perform the last rituals. The celebration of life is arranged after the cremation process is done. The later is organized in an informal setting, where people celebrate the life lived by the deceased. To know more about the two and how they are different, then read ahead.

Traditional Funeral

Large Wood Metallica Alloy Cremation Urn
Large Wood Metallica Alloy Cremation Urn

If you’ve attended a funeral before, then you must know that it comprises of three main activities, viz., the visitation, funeral service, and committal service. Visitation or viewing is when people step forward towards the casket to view the person for the last time. In the second phase, i.e., the funeral service, a pastor sings the hymns, invocations, or bible readings and prayers. Lastly, the committal service is performed at the cemetery. It ends when the casket is lowered in the ground for the final burial. People that chose cremation, often bury the adult urns for ashes in the funeral. People looking for burial urns can check out the latest and unique collection at Divinity Urns. The quality of urns offered is top-notch, and the price is competitive.

Celebration of Life

My Heart Stainless Steel Keepsake Cremation Pendant
My Heart Stainless Cremation Pendant

While funeral is deep-rooted in traditions, the celebration of life is more like an informal event for paying tribute to the departed soul. During celebration of life, people gather and share stories of their loved one. The story can be anything, like- how the person affected their life or how much they mattered to them. The best part of such gathering is that they are not time-bound and can be arranged at a time when all family members, friends, and colleagues can join. One can also get creative while arranging this event. 

If the family has decided to preserve the ashes in keepsake urns for ashes or jewelry for ashes of loved one, then the same can be kept at the centre of the “celebration of life” gathering, and then proceed with the story telling or sharing their feelings for their beloved one. If you are looking for arranging such gathering and buy urns for safely and respectfully storing the ashes, then you can get it at the Divinity Urns store. 

Funeral or Celebration of Life - What is Better?

Both funeral and celebration of life have their own significance. The aim being same, only the way of arrangement is different. You can opt for both, if you want. For people choosing cremation, it is necessary to get the best football urns for ashes or other theme-based urns before making other arrangements. Visit the Divinity Urns to save your time, as you are guaranteed to get the best urn at the best price online. The store has both human and pet urns, like dog urns for ashes, so go ahead and get the best resting place for your loved one. 

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